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Chiefs GM once again says 2017 QB class doesn’t have any immediate starters

KC Chiefs GM John Dorsey has said before that this year’s quarterback class doesn’t have any immediate starters. Dorsey once again said he doesn’t see any “sure-fire starters right off the bat” in this year’s quarterback class.

“I think there’s some talented athletes within this class,” Dorsey said at his pre-draft press conference. “I think they have different skill-sets that vary, some better runners and this and that. Making the transition from college to the professional level is a different animal. Are there any sure-fire starters right off the bat, I personally do not (think so).”

Asked about Dak Prescott, Dorsey said that the Chiefs had him rated at about the spot he went (fourth round) and also admitted that he didn’t see Dak coming along like that but he went to the perfect situation.

Dorsey followed this up to say that there are guys in this draft worth drafting and developing. The Chiefs have had, from what’s been reported, seven quarterbacks in for a visit this year. It seems like they’re looking at quarterback harder this year but Dorsey says that’s not the case.

“It’s perception vs reality from where I sit,” Dorsey said when asked about the Chiefs looking at quarterbacks harder this year. “I attack every position every year the same way regardless of whether it’s a quarterback, punter, linebacker, wide receiver, long snapper. I do my diligence on every one and that’s why we stack those boards at the right positions.”

Nope, no closer to finding out if the Chiefs are in on a quarterback early in the draft.

John Dorsey's Pre-Draft Press Conference

Chiefs GM John Dorsey Speaks with the media LIVE for a pre-draft press conference.

Posted by The Kansas City Chiefs on Friday, April 21, 2017

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