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QB Nathan Peterman joins Chiefs workout list before the draft

More news of the Kansas City Chiefs working out or visiting with one of the NFL Draft’s top quarterbacks continues. The Chiefs have worked out or visited with at least three of the top four quarterbacks. Now we can make that at least four of the top six quarterbacks as Pitt’s Nathan Peterman joins the list.

Peterman, 6’4 and 226 pounds, has been talked about as a potential non-first round quarterback option (along with Davis Webb). Our own stagdsp said that it’s not worth drafting a quarterback beyond the second round and for this year’s Chiefs I agree. Peterman could fit into that because he’s been talked about as a second round prospect. SB Nation’s Dan Kadar, however, does not have him in the first two rounds in this mock.

Here’s what his NFL dot com scouting report says:

Peterman's experience in a pro-style passing attack gives him a head start headed into the league. His physical attributes are just average, but his accuracy, composure and anticipation are what sets him apart from some of the more physically gifted quarterbacks in this year's draft. Peterman's tape is sure to catch the eye of at least a few teams in need of a quarterback and he should come off the board by day two with a chance to become a solid starting quarterback in the future.

So, would you take him in the second round?


Would you take Nathan Peterman in the second round?

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