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Albert Wilson gets a tender from the Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs gave S Daniel Sorensen the second round level tender ($2.7 million) as a restricted free agent and they gave K Cairo Santos the low level tender ($1.8 million). We predicted Albert Wilson, their third and final restricted free agent, wouldn’t receive a tender.

We were wrong.

This means the Chiefs will pay Wilson about $1.8 million next year if it ends up going througho. Another team could come in and try to sign him but the Chiefs would be able to match. If they didn’t match, they wouldn’t receive any compensation in return (as opposed to a second round tender, where they would receive a second round pick in return ... the difference being the second round tender is more expensive).

I thought that was a little high for the Chiefs fourth or fifth receiver. Apparently the Chiefs disagree. I wanted Wilson back until they had someone better but I thought they could bring him back on a lesser deal to save some cap space.