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NFL media is still talking about Tony Romo and the Chiefs

The NFL media continues to talk about Tony Romo and the Kansas City Chiefs, despite every decision-maker on the Chiefs having already put their support behind Alex Smith for the 2017 season.

Someone asked ESPN’s Ed Werder where Romo wants to play next. He said, "I've been told Houston, Denver and KC."

ESPN’s Trey Wingo replied to that and said, "Said it many time[s] ... KC would be ideal. Question is are they willing to move on from Alex."

Joe Banner, also of ESPN and formerly the president of the Eagles with Andy Reid, replied, "Not that Romo isn't interested [it’s] that KC isn't."

As odd as it sounds, we haven’t actually heard the Chiefs say they’re not interested in Romo, only that they’re in support of Alex Smith, which is kinda the same thing but not exactly. That’s probably because they can’t publicly talk about Romo (I tried) so this from NFL Network will serve as the Romo denial.