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Eric Berry came back to the Chiefs for the wings

You can’t blame a man for making decisions based on a good wing. We’re in Kansas City, after all, the home of the Peanut’s world famous wings.

KC Chiefs safety Eric Berry had an outstanding press conference with his parents this week after signing his new contract last week. He was asked why he wanted to come back to the only NFL team he’s known and he gave a great answer that involves wings.

“Like I said, chemistry and consistency,” Berry said. “I know what I’m going to get every time I walk into the building. I’m comfortable here and I have a good feel for it. I didn’t want to rebuild all of that -- even though I felt like I could have. At the same time, why do it when I have everything you need right here? Why do that when you have people here that genuinely care about you as a person?

“I know everybody in the building from the cafeteria. I know what desserts are going to be in the building from Chef Erin [Wishon], I know we’re going to have wings every Thursday. And if there’s something that we don’t like in the cafeteria, we can talk about it and get it done.

“That’s just a part of it. I hear other things around the league and it’s not always like that, so why risk that and go somewhere else when you have to rebuild that chemistry and you already have it with the people you work with?”

That is so true. It’s not always about the money. Familiarity and comfort matters. Why would you seek another job when you can wear sweatpants, eat Ruffles all day and not leave the couch for 72 consecutive hours during free agency? Wait. Never mind. I’m thinking of someone else.