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What’s up with the free agent market for Dontari Poe?

Last year I thought the Kansas City Chiefs were going to lose DE Jaye Howard to a multi-year deal in free agency. He did get a deal but in Kansas City - two years, $10 million, which was below what we thought we would get.

The confusing defensive line market is back. I’m ready to admit I don’t understand the defensive line market because Poe’s camp is realizing the market isn’t what they thought it was, according to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report.

Poe’s case is a tricky one. He plays a ton of snaps and has two Pro Bowls under his belt. However, his pass rushing skills haven’t been as strong in the past couple of years and he has a back surgery on his resume. He’ll be 27 by the time next season starts. I would take Poe back - at the right price, of course.

This one-year deal thing that’s being floated is interesting. Almost a little similar to the Jaye Howard situation above. If accurate, it’s a sign that the market isn’t what they thought it would be this year and they’re hoping to put up a good year of tape in 2017 and then try again in 2018 free agency. I get the logic but he would also be one year older. Age matters in the NFL where they’re always trying to get younger. Additionally, he has a TON of tape already out there. What else can he show?

Again, I would take Poe back at the right price (probably under $10 million) but we’ll let this thing play out and see what happens.