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The Chiefs have three restricted free agents they need to prepare for

The Kansas City Star’s Terez Paylor reported that the Kansas City Chiefs are going to tender safety Daniel Sorensen, who is a restricted free agent. What we don’t know is at what level they’ll tender him - first round ($3.9 million), second round ($2.7 million) or the low tender ($1.8 million).

(Update: Yes we do. Terez Paylor reports it will be the second round tender.)

If they tendered him at the second round level, it would be a one-year, $2.7 million deal. The rub with restricted free agents is that another team could come in and offer Sorensen a contract that he could accept and, if the Chiefs don’t match that offer, they would receive a second round pick in return but lose Sorensen.

The same concept applies to the first round level ($3.9 million) and the low tender ($1.8 million). The low tender (or original round tender but he wasn’t drafted) means the Chiefs could match but wouldn’t get any draft picks in return.

I don’t know what level the Chiefs tendered Sorensen. A salary cap person I like predicted it would be a second round tender for him, which would mean the Chiefs wouldn’t feel he’s safe at the low tender level. The bottom line is that the Chiefs want to keep him and likely will. Restricted free agents don’t change teams often.

In addition to Sorensen, the Chiefs restricted free agents include kicker Cairo Santos and receiver Albert Wilson. I initially thought Bert should come back on a low round tender at $1.8 million but my favorite cap guy, @KC_Guy, pointed out that’s pretty high for a fourth or fifth receiver, which is true. So, I’m going to amend my prediction to no tender for Bert. They can still bring him back though for a lesser price.

As for Santos, I thought the low tender, too. I saw the Broncos put a second round tender on their kicker. The Chiefs like Santos and have spent a few years developing him now. I think they would want to keep him. They could do it at the low level ($1.8 million) or a new deal. (Update: And Terez confirms low round tender for Santos. That’ll be $1.8 million next year)