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Chiefs’ Laurent Duvernay-Tardif says his standard work week is 60 hours

Interesting comments here from Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, the Kansas City Chiefs guard who signed a new deal last week. He talks about how much he works in context that you can understand.

What’s your work week like? 60 hours a week in America is not unusual. We need to figure out what they’ve done in Europe where your job isn’t your entire life (although, being known as a thin, handsome blogger - nay, America’s blogger! - isn’t so bad)

This is a big thing that people have talked about. There’s less and less time for actual, physical practice. The NFLPA has cut that down as much as possible for the health benefit of the players. In return, some coaches have complained that the quality of play, especially on the offensive line, has declined. Former Chiefs offensive lineman and my SB Nation colleague Geoff Schwartz talks about this on Twitter a lot.

This is where it feels football takes itself a little too seriously. More note-taking than medicine? Really?