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This 7-round NFL mock draft has Patrick Mahomes and Joe Mixon to the Chiefs

Well this 2017 NFL mock draft would be something. Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller has a few name players he sends to the Kansas City Chiefs in this seven round mock draft, including Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes and Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon.

As for Mahomes, we’ve talked about this. If the Chiefs believe he’s the guy, I’m OK with it. Andy Reid and John Dorsey have earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the draft. The Chiefs met with him at the Combine and Mahomes is an Andy Reid fan. I have no idea how the Chiefs truly feel but Reid can coach up a lot of guys.

Speaking of the benefit of the doubt ... I don’t know about Mixon. Everyone knows the big question with him. On the one hand, the Chiefs took a chance on Tyreek Hill last year and it couldn’t have worked out better on the field. Maybe the Chiefs are thinking of that when Mixon comes along. On the other hand, they took a lot of heat for the Tyreek pick. Adding a more high profile player but just as controversial would be a tough call. Ultimately, the Chiefs are going to do their evaluation of Mixon and come to a conclusion. Even if they think he’s going to make it, I’m not sure they take him. The Chiefs locker room is a good one but two years in a row with all that attention would be difficult.

Beyond the off the field stuff, running back is a need and Mixon is highly rated so this fits.

The rest of the mock is below. Make sure you go read the first round. Matt does a good job with this stuff.

1. Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes

2. Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon

3. Houston CB Howard Wilson

3. Boston College S John Johnson

4. UCLA DL Eddie Vanderdoes

5. Youngstown LB Avery Moss

5. Michigan DL Ryan Glasgow

6. Ole Miss WR Damore'ea Stringfellow

6. Oregon TE Pharaoh Brown

7. Tennessee State CB Ezra Robinson