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Chiefs clearly aren’t looking to play a rookie quarterback this year

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Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey’s comments to Albert Breer of The MMQB about this year’s crop of quarterbacks are getting some play. Here’s the snippet:

“Are there any finished products here? I don’t think so. So where are the warts, and are you willing to live with the warts? That’s what people are asking.”

I then asked Dorsey if he thought any of the quarterbacks are ready to play. He smiled and said, “Me personally?” Then a long pause, another smile, and a “No.”

Dorsey said something similar to BJ Kissel last week about the quarterbacks: “I see a lot of guys that, you know, have a little work to do.”

Some are taking this as a sign that the Chiefs may not draft a quarterback early. Not me. I don’t think these comments are saying that. I think this is an honest look at this year’s quarterback class. This is free agency and draft season so “honest” is a tricky word with GMs but the Chiefs aren’t looking for a quarterback to play right away. They have already said Alex Smith is their starter in 2017. I think this is Dorsey setting expectations for when the Chiefs do draft a guy.

Remember, actions matter more than words and the Chiefs actions - Combine interviews with the top quarterbacks - say they’re looking at quarterbacks.