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NFL free agency rumors: Mike Glennon’s next deal may not look that different from Alex Smith’s

Mike Glennon hasn’t completed more than 60 percent of passes in his career - well, his 10/11 passing in 2016 doesn’t count - yet he might be landing a big money deal.

Who is Mike Glennon, you ask? The Buccaneers backup quarterback now that they have Jameis Winston. He played in 2014 and 2015 and very little in 2016. Yes, just three years in the league with limited tape and someone will pay him a bunch of money, according to Charles Robinson.

The cost of doing business. If anyone should understand this, it’s Chiefs fans. First, $14-15 million per year is not much in the NFL for a quarterback. Alex Smith at $17 million per year is the 21st highest paid quarterback. $14-15 million per year would put him around 24th based on current contracts. Put it like that and bottom eight starter money sounds about right, doesn’t it?

In fact, put Alex’s deal in context. It’s a lot of money but it’s bottom third quarterback money. Alex is better than bottom third money so in a way he’s a ... bargain? OK, maybe I won’t go that far. (RIP to our comments section)

The money says more about the quarterback market and the supply and demand factor than it does about Glennon himself (or Alex).