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2017 NFL Draft shaping up to be a good one for cornerbacks

We’ve talked about cornerbacks for the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2017 NFL Draft. It’s one of those positions where the Chiefs are going to take one most years. The Chiefs often play five or six (or seven) defensive backs on the field so they need a lot of them once you take into account injuries and free agency.

This is apparently one of the best cornerback classes in years. Or so they say ...

That draft class also had four corners in the top 11 picks. Not only deep but also talented at the top. We won’t know how good this class is until they actually pan out in a few years but it does look promising starting with Washington CB Sidney Jones, who is Mike Mayock’s top cornerback and also the one most often compared to Marcus Peters. They both went to Washington so that comparison was inevitable. If you gave me 90 percent of a Marcus Peters, I wouldn’t hesitate to take him with the 27th pick.

This draft will tell us what the Chiefs think about their cornerbacks. They have Marcus Peters and then some young but promising players. What do the Chiefs think of Steven Nelson, Terrance Mitchell and DJ White? If KC doesn’t draft a corner within the first few rounds, I’ll take that as a vote of confidence for the corners on the roster.

Dan Kadar of SB Nation’s Mocking The Draft has his highest corner (Marshon Lattimore) going No. 13 and then two more corners in the first after the Chiefs pick at No. 27.