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Chiefs should take a look at this year’s strong tight end class

One of the takeaways from the 2017 NFL Combine so far is this year’s class of tight ends. They look really good according to people who know these sorts of things.

It’ll take a few years to find out if they’re actually good or just Combine good but the praise of this year’s tight ends make me wonder if the Chiefs shouldn’t consider drafting one this year.

We haven’t talked much at all about tight ends because when you talk about the Chiefs tight ends you talk about Travis Kelce and we already know he’s really good.

However, the Chiefs do like multiple tight end sets. They have invested in the position in recent years between Kelce ($46 million contract), Demetrius Harris (contract extension) and James O’Shaughnessy (fifth round pick). Harris, Shag and Ross Travis all have two years left on their deals.

I like the multiple tight end sets because of the versatility it brings. The Chiefs can run or pass out of those formations which gives them options. We know Kelce is the man and he will be the TE1 whatever happens.

If Kelce went down, the Chiefs have no one at tight end I would feel comfortable playing that role. That’s not exactly knock on the Chiefs backups because most teams aren’t deep at tight end but Harris played 45 percent of the snaps last year as the No. 2 tight end. That’s a lot!

With tight end apparently being a strength in the draft this year, I wouldn’t mind the Chiefs investigating that position. They have 10 picks this year so there are plenty of options for them, including tight end. The Chiefs got a guy with Kelce’s talent - and the red flags coming out - in the third round. There’s talent to be had in the mid rounds.