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ESPN says Dontari Poe’s best free agent fit is the Oakland Raiders

I didn’t like it when Rodney Hudson left the Kansas City Chiefs in free agency for the Oakland Raiders, who gave him a massive contract a couple of years ago. I really won’t like it if the same thing happens with free agent-to-be Dontari Poe.

ESPN’s Matt Bowen has a piece out on the perfect fits for some of the top free agents. Not only does he say Adrian Peterson is a fit with the Raiders, he says Poe is, too.

Poe's massive frame (6-3, 346) and quick feet off the jump would upgrade a Raiders run defense that allowed an average of 117.6 rushing yards per game last season (23rd in the NFL). Drop the big boy in the middle of that base front and let him eat up space while using his athleticism to split gaps. That's how you win at the point of attack.

You know who was worse than Oakland stopping the run? The Chiefs with Poe were 26th. Our MNChiefsfan disputes the idea that Poe is a big reason the Chiefs run defense struggled but if you’re going to make the case in the paragraph above you have to ask why he didn’t do that in Kansas City.

Poe’s contract is going to be an interesting one. On the one hand, you don’t find athletes like him every day. There’s probably some defensive coordinator out there who thinks he can get the most out of Poe. On the other hand, you wonder about his effectiveness after back surgery. Will he get better or worse?