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NFL Combine 2017: Bryan Cox Jr. says his game resembles Tamba Hali

I remember the name Bryan Cox from the Bills-Dolphins rivalry back in the day. Cox has a son named after him, Bryan Cox Jr., who is headed to the NFL and he has a small Chiefs connection. Cox Jr., a Florida linebacker, was asked at the Combine who his game resembles and he said Terrell Suggs and Tamba Hali.

Tamba is a great person to follow because he’s a technician with his hands. When an up and coming pass rusher talks about using his hands, I feel like it often comes back to watching Tamba. He has that rep.

As for Cox Jr., he says not many teams are asking about his father.

“A lot of them know him,” he said. “Some of them coached him, so there’s not really too many questions about him because they’re invested in me and not him.”

My memory of his dad: flipping off the Bills fans as he walked out of the tunnel.