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Alabama d-lineman with an interesting observation on Deshaun Watson

Fair warning: I have a developing crush on Deshaun Watson. I wasn’t in love with him during the season - probably because I didn’t watch enough college football last fall - but now that I’m digging into him a little more I like what I see. Will the Chiefs draft him? Probably not. He’ll probably be gone. But who knows?

Anyway, Alabama defensive lineman Jonathan Allen had an interesting point about Watson after playing Clemson in the title game.

“A lot of guys we played at the quarterback position, by the end of the game, they’re not really going through the progressions the way they were in the first half because they’re worried about the rush,” Allen said. “Deshaun Watson played exactly the same in the first quarter as he did in the fourth quarter.”

Very interesting. “Going through the reads” is something that you can’t really identify with certainty but it’s something we criticize - or, in this case, praise - quarterbacks for.

When I need to slow my roll with this Deshaun Watson crush, I look to his 17 interceptions last year and 13 the year before that.