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Dalvin Cook in the first round is an easy choice if he’s another Jamaal Charles

Florida State RB Dalvin Cook has been mocked to the Kansas City Chiefs before although I wonder if he’ll still be there with the 27th pick. It’s fitting that it’s the Chiefs he goes to because Cook has been modeling his game after a Chief for a few years now.

“Jamaal has been banged up a lot but when he was healthy and when he was full-go, I definitely patterned my game behind him,” Cook said from the podium at the NFL Combine this week. “The things he did. Not a big back, shifty, ain’t afraid to run downhill, just every-down back. So that’s who I pattern my game behind.”

Good choice. Who wouldn’t want to pattern their game after Jamaal Charles? Jamaal was supposed to be a speed back coming out of Texas but he was so much more. He can run, catch and block, a true three-down back. Even today people will refer to Jamaal as a scat back which is ... well, that’s not true, as Chiefs fans know.

If Cook can have a run like Jamaal has in his career, he would be well worth a first round pick.