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A couple of inside linebackers have caught Chiefs GM John Dorsey’s eye

John Dorsey has his eye on a couple of inside linebackers. Of course he won’t tell us who those inside linebackers are. The Kansas City Chiefs GM spoke to reporters this week and this quote on the Chiefs website (H/T BJ Kissel) caught my eye.

“There are some pretty good (inside linebackers in this draft),” Dorsey is quoted as saying. “I don’t want to identify which ones I think are pretty good, but I think there are some good players to be found at various stages, but there’s a player or two that’s already caught my eye.

The linebacker that has caught most people’s eye is Alabama’s Reuben Foster, who was reportedly sent home from the Combine after an argument with a hospital worker.

Inside linebacker typically isn’t considered a premium position but tell that to Chiefs fans who watched their run defense fall apart with injury after injury at inside linebacker. This is widely considered a need for the Chiefs, who need to identify the future after Derrick Johnson, who is coming off an Achilles’ injury.