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Chiefs also meeting with running backs at the NFL Combine

Besides quarterback, the Kansas City Chiefs should also be focused on running backs at the 2017 NFL Combine. There could be a few first round picks this year including Leonard Fournette, Dalvin Cook and Christian McCaffrey.

The Chiefs could show an interest in those guys depending on where they’ll be draft. The KC Star’s Terez Paylor reports that the Chiefs have had formal interviews with a handful of backs at the Combine.

Ohio State RB Curtis Samuel: He’s 5’11, 197 pounds. Scouting reports are saying he is a receiver / running back but more likely to be a receiver at the next level. Sounds a little like Tyreek Hill, to be honest. I can’t knock his production at Ohio State: 97 carries for 771 yards and 74 receptions for 865 yards.

Wyoming RB Brian Hill: He’s 5’11, 219 pounds. Monster season last year with 349 yards rushing but only eight receptions. We keep an eye on the receptions number because backs in Andy Reid’s offense need to be able to pass block and catch the ball or else they won’t play. Just because Hill doesn’t have those receptions last year doesn’t mean he can’t catch. Just means there’s more work to do.

Louisiana-Lafayette RB Elijah McGuire: He’s 5’11, 209 pounds. He can catch with 29 receptions last year. He had a foot injury so the medical could be part of why they met with him to find out more about that.

North Carolina State RB Matt Dayes: He’s 5’9, 207 pounds which his a little small for an every down back. He can catch the ball though - 32 catches last year. 10.5 inch hands are huge.