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Deshaun Watson has already been watching Chiefs tape

Clemson QB Deshaun Watson was among several quarterbacks the Kansas City Chiefs have met with at the NFL Combine. We don’t get to see what these formal interviews look like but the Eagles posted the one they did with Carson Wentz last year if you want an idea.

Watson said that watching film was not part of his Combine meeting with the Chiefs BUT he had already been watching Chiefs tape.

“I'm actually working with Jordan Palmer,” Watson said at his Combine press conference, “so we watch film of the Kansas City Chiefs, the Steelers, Patriots, Falcons, Packers, Cowboys, the different teams that are playoff teams that are still playing, I had the ability to watch film of those guys and see how they run and be a professional.”

You might laugh but some have made a Watson-Alex Smith comparison. It’s not a perfect one but I get it. There are surprises each year but currently it looks like Watson will be gone by the time the 27th pick gets here.