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The NFL Draft’s top QBs are big Andy Reid fans

The prospects at the NFL Combine go through press conferences where reporters are asking them about how tall they are, whether they’re the best quarterback in the draft and which teams they’ve met with for formal interviews. The Chiefs have met with a number of the top quarterbacks in the draft - a possible sign this is the year they invest a high pick in that position.

I have said before that if Andy Reid and John Dorsey sign off on a quarterback, I’m good with it, too. Dorsey has nailed the draft and Reid knows what he’s doing with quarterbacks. I just hope that a) the opportunity is there and b) they agree it’s a priority this year.

Reid’s reputation as a quarterback guru came up at the Combine with the top quarterbacks, who were asked about Big Red. Check this out (via Combine press conference transcripts) ...

Clemson’s Deshaun Watson is a huge Andy Reid fan

“I'm a huge Andy Reid fan and what he's been able to do with all the quarterbacks he's done in his coaching career and what he's doing with Alex Smith is just awesome. Had the ability to watch some film on Alex Smith and the Kansas City Chiefs and the way he operates that offense and leads that team, he's just very, very smooth at what he does. It comes a long way.”

Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes knows he’s a great coach

“I mean, I know he’s definitely a great quarterback coach. He’s had great quarterbacks – Donovan McNabb just to name one of the guys. Alex Smith is a great quarterback right now. It’s something that’s awesome. It would be awesome to be under him and how he teaches quarterbacks.”

Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer grew up watching Big Red

“It would be awesome (to play for him). I grew up watching Andy Reid. His ability to develop quarterbacks, to run an offense that’s very quarterback-oriented has led to his teams having a lot of success. It would be an awesome opportunity to play for the Chiefs.”