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Arrowheadlines: Tony Gonzalez leaving CBS, Chiefs deep roster in the playoffs

Tony Gonzalez leaving CBS pregame show 'The NFL Today' |

"I have had an incredible and rewarding three years at CBS and wish it could be more, but traveling to New York each week during the season is not what is best for my family at this time," Gonzalez said in a statement provided by CBS Sports. "While I hope to remain in broadcasting I will look to do so in the L.A. area. I can't thank CBS enough for their support."

Chiefs need to make better use of deep roster, particularly in playoffs | ESPN

The problem for the Chiefs is the postseason, where they are 1-3 under Reid. The deep roster was essential last year when the Chiefs went parts of the season without key players such as Charles, Johnson and Justin Houston. It didn’t help them in the playoffs, where after a first-round bye they scored only 16 points in a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Kansas City Chiefs Free Agency Tracker: What’s Different Heading into 2017 |

As the Kansas City Chiefs continue to build their roster heading into the 2017 season, here’s a look at how the roster has changed over the past couple of months.

Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson opens 12th Discovery Den | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

This room used to be a classroom for students with sensory needs. Now it will double as a reading room as the shelves are stocked with brand new books. So far, Johnson's Defend the Dream Foundation has funded 12 reading rooms inside 12 different metro schools. "This is a good place for kids to read because it's quiet in here," Washington fourth grader Naveah Bolden said.

Kansas City Chiefs start process of expanding marketing, ticket-selling into St. Louis | The Kansas City Star

While all four of the Chiefs’ preseason games were shown in St. Louis, only some of the club’s regular-season games were shown, as the NFL decided to temporarily divide the market among the Chiefs and the other three franchises closest to St. Louis: Chicago, Tennessee and Indianapolis. All of the Chiefs’ regular-season games were aired on radio in St. Louis. "But we had the most games shown throughout the year, and the market did great ratings," Donovan said. "So that worked."

Kansas City Chiefs expect tight end Travis Kelce to be ready by training camp following offseason knee surgery | The Kansas City Star

In early March, backup tight end Demetrius Harris was arrested in Bates County on suspicion of felony marijuana possession. No charges have been filed yet. "I’d say let’s find out all the facts before we … cast him one way or another," Dorsey said. "I think what we have to do is, let’s come up with all the facts before you make a decision or talk about that."

LT Explains Why He Took on New Role with the L.A. Chargers | Los Angeles Chargers

LT was named Special Assistant to the owner on Thursday, where he’ll focus on engaging fans and supporting community outreach in Los Angeles. He plans to take an active role in strengthening the team’s bond with the city.

Andy Reid vows to get Tyreek Hill more involved in the Chiefs’ offense | ProFootballTalk

"He was a running back that they kind of moved around a little bit," Reid said. "His routes when he first came were kind of raw. They weren’t as disciplined as they need to be in this offense. So much of this offense is timing and being in a certain spot and knowing defenses, knowing secondaries and all that, how you’re going to make adjustments. That was all new. He is a smart kid. He picked it up so fast, and he was able to play at our level."

Bison Pro Day, Lineman Shine | Valley News Live

Teams in attendance: Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers, Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, Las Vegas Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, Jacksonville Jaguars.

NFL star Brandon Flowers has made $50 million and only just bought his first house - MarketWatch |

National Football League star Brandon Flowers is so serious about saving money that he waited until he amassed almost 10 years of salary before buying his first house. "I’ve always just saved my money. I just now bought my first house. I’ll have it for a long time. It’ll be my retirement house," Flowers told MarketWatch. He spoke while attending the NFL’s third annual Personal Finance Camp, which aims to educate players so they not only don’t lose any of their money while they’re playing, but so that it lasts long after they’ve stopped playing, too.

Throwback Thursday: Chiefs defeated Raiders in 1st game at Oakland Coliseum in 1966 | Chiefs Wire

Way back when Oakland Coliseum was brand-new, the Raiders played their first game in the stadium against none other than the Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately for Oakland, the red-hot Chiefs (who went on to compete in Super Bowl I that same year) went in and demolished the Raiders.

Georgia Southern Football holds Pro Day in Statesboro | WJCL

Among the NFL teams in attendance were the Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons and the BC Lions of the CFL.

What NFL's Next Gen Stats say about the Chiefs | Arrowhead Addict

For instance, the top two QBs in time to throw are former Chief Nick Foles with 2.36 seconds, and Alex Smith with 2.38 seconds. That is just insane! By just the smallest fraction, Foles edges Smith out in this area. This lends numerical credence to what has been observed in Alex Smith. He is a much better QB when the ball leaves his hands very quickly. As Next Gen Stats tells us, there is only one who is better at it than Smith. If Foles is removed for not being a regular starter, then that leaves Alex as the fastest ball slinger in the NFL.