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This fake 2017 Chiefs schedule is pretty good

No, the Kansas City Chiefs schedule is not out. It’s supposed to be out sometime in mid-April. However, I came across this fake Chiefs 2017 schedule and I gotta say, it’s pretty good. I thought for a second it had a chance to be real but the note at the bottom saying it’s a joke gave it away. That and the actual schedule isn’t done yet. This comes via @KC_football_guy.

I see a few problems with it:

  • The ESPN game would be on a Monday, not a Sunday night.
  • I don’t see a Thursday night game anywhere on there. Every team should have one.
  • Other TV lineup stuff, like Washington at home is probably CBS while Dallas on the road is probably FOX. In the comments, Tarkus said that intraconference road games are usually the visiting team’s network. A quick spot check and that appears to be true. I didn’t know!

The rest of it seems pretty good actually. If not for me knowing the schedule wasn’t actually out and the April Fools note at the bottom, I could’ve believed this. I wouldn’t like having a bye week so early but I would like having that Oakland game at home on the final day of the regular season. Those two are going to be battling for the AFC West title. Also, I would love a game at Oakland after the bye week.