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Rey Maualuga visiting Chiefs, here’s what Bengals fans say about him

The Kansas City Chiefs are getting their third known free agent visitor this offseason when former Bengals inside linebacker Rey Maualuga visits Kansas City. The KC Star’s Terez Paylor first reported Maualuga’s visit days ago.

The visit is supposed to happen today. It’s no guarantee the Chiefs sign him. It could be more of a medical checkup to see where he’s in case they want to put him on the list for later.

I talked with SB Nation’s Bengals blog, Cincy Jungle, about what Maualuga can bring to the team. Here’s what Rebecca from Cincy Jungle had to say:

Bengals fans breathed a big sigh of relief when Maualuga was cut. He probably has a few more years left in the tank, though, I wouldn't expect much from him. He's a serviceable run stopper, but doesn't provide much of anything in the passing game.

Last year, he was injured in the middle of the year, and then after that, it kind of seemed like the Bengals were done with him. After the bye week, which was Week 9, he played more than 20 snaps in just one game, and that game was one Vontaze Burfict was injured in.

He's not very athletic, pretty slow, and the Bengals felt Kevin Minter was an upgrade over him. Once Minter was signed, cutting Maualuga was inevitable.

I am intrigued by the experience if he’s healthy. The Chiefs, ultimately, need to get younger at inside linebacker. Derrick Johnson and Maualuga would be among the oldest players on the team. So if they’re just checking in on him in case they don’t find a younger option in the draft then I’m fine with that.

The Chiefs two other free agent visitors this offseason: