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QB Deshaun Watson met with Chiefs at the NFL Combine

Add Clemson QB Deshaun Watson to the Kansas City Chiefs interview list at the 2017 NFL Combine. BJ Kissel of the Chiefs website reports that the Chiefs did indeed formally interview Watson.

Watson of course is the national championship quarterback of the Clemson Tigers. The upside is he shows up in big time games. There’s not a stat for gamers but you know it when you see it and Watson looks like a gamer. The downside is he’s thrown for a lot of picks - 17 last season and 13 two seasons ago. This coming from Alex Smith, who only throws picks in the red zone when you’re about to lose to the freakin’ Bucs doesn’t throw many picks.

The Chiefs also interviewed Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs probably interview quarterbacks every year - the full interview lists aren’t public each year - but this year it feels like is the time to take one relatively high. Carrington Harrison asked me on 610 Sports earlier this week if I think the Chiefs will take one in the first two rounds. I really do think they will this year.

Note that he’s a fan of Big Red, who has the reputation of being a quarterback guru (you can decide for yourself whether that’s true but that’s his reputation). Watson seems destined to go much earlier than the 27th pick. We’ll see what happens.