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QB Patrick Mahomes has met with the Chiefs at the NFL Combine

Welcome to quarterback season. The Kansas City Chiefs have interviewed Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes, who is widely viewed as the fourth quarterback in this draft behind Deshaun Watson, Mitch Trubisky and DeShone Kizer.

The Chiefs meet with a lot of players at the Combine both formally (60 interviews) and informally. We can’t take much from this other than the obvious that they’re looking at him as a player. As they should be. Most have Mahomes as second round material but there’s been chatter of him moving into the first round. The Chiefs are right there at the bottom of the first with the 27th pick.

Most Chiefs fans are in agreement: they need to draft a quarterback. Mahomes has some skills to like but it’s hard to translate his work in Texas Tech’s offense to Andy Reid’s.

Chiefs GM John Dorsey said all the quarterbacks this year had some work to do.

“I see a lot of spread option quarterbacks in this class,” Dorsey said to old friend BJ Kissel of the Chiefs website. “I see a lot of athletic guys in this class. I see a lot of guys that, you know, have a little work to do. That does not make them not that talented. There are some talented players in this draft class. There are some mechanics and some flaws they’re going to have to work through to translate that to the pro game.”

If the Chiefs draft a quarterback, they will have time. Alex Smith is still under contract. They have already said he’ll be the 2017 starter. There will be no pressure on a rookie quarterback to play early (outside of from fans).