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Chiefs GM says this year’s quarterbacks “have a little work to do”

John Dorsey has only been the Kansas City Chiefs GM for four years but he’s already a pro at saying a lot without really saying anything at all. That wasn’t completely the case this week when he was the Combine. Dorsey offered up some insight on his thoughts on this year’s quarterback class.

“I see a lot of spread option quarterbacks in this class,” Dorsey said to old friend BJ Kissel of the Chiefs website. “I see a lot of athletic guys in this class. I see a lot of guys that, you know, have a little work to do. That does not make them not that talented. There are some talented players in this draft class. There are some mechanics and some flaws they’re going to have to work through to translate that to the pro game.”

That’s been the rub on this year’s quarterback class. They’re not day one starters. I was watching ESPN when Bill Polian literally pounded the table saying you can’t expect these guys to start right away.

The Chiefs are in a perfect position to take on a rookie quarterback in this class then because they don’t need him to play right away. Alex Smith has two years left on his deal and the Chiefs already said he will be the starter in 2017. There would be no pressure for a rookie to start barring injury.