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Chiefs GM calls Jabrill Peppers a ‘fascinating study’

Like the rest of us, Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey is interested to see where Michigan’s Jabrill Peppers goes in this draft. Peppers isn’t Charles Woodson but a guy playing offense, defense and returning at Michigan will bring out the Woodson comparisons.

Peppers is a jack of all trades but a master of none. On defense, he has played corner, slot, safety and linebacker. His next NFL team will have to figure out where to play him.

“He is a very unique athlete,” Dorsey said of Peppers. “East Orange, New Jersey guy, I mean the guy is going to come here, he’s probably going to blow the Combine up and I think it’s whichever team selects him where they feel most comfortable, because there’s some people at one time thought he was a top-10 running back, could have been a top 10 running back early in his career.

“As you see, (Michigan defensive coordinator) Don Brown now moves him over to the other side of the ball where he can try to work him up closer to the line of scrimmage, so now he’s a dime linebacker. There are other times where we see him on the jet-sweep-reverse and you just see him explode through the defense.

“I do find him a fascinating study in terms of where do you play him. It’s kind of like the study a couple of years ago I think with Shaq Thompson that the Panthers drafted, he was the running back-linebacker guy. It’ll be interesting to see where at the end of the day people have him on their boards.”

It’s kinda crazy to think here we are at the Combine and there’s still not a consensus on what his NFL position or role is. The NFL values versatility for sure as do the Chiefs so I could see him being someone that interests them.