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Roger Goodell could be going to the Chiefs season opener ... if they play the Patriots

The Kansas City Chiefs could be seeing the NFL Commissioner in Week 1 ... if they play the Patriots in Foxboro that night.

The Patriots, as the defending Super Bowl champions, will host the Thursday night NFL season opener. The Chiefs are one of eight possibilities for the game and I would argue they’re among the one or two best options.

What would be great about Goodell going to a Chiefs-Patriots game is that they have both been screwed by him. For the Patriots, it was Deflategate and for the Chiefs it was the tampering charges. I can see it now: The Goodell Screwed Us Bowl.

Here are the teams on the Patriots schedule they could host in Week 1: Texans, Panthers, Falcons, Chargers, Chiefs, Bills, Dolphins, Jets

They did the Super Bowl rematch Week 1 last year so I’m not sure they would do that again because that should get big ratings no matter when it is. That would leave the Chiefs and Texans as the two best options - in my not so humble opinion, of course.

The Texans will have JJ Watt and, potentially, Tony Romo. I don’t think the NFL goes with Houston unless Romo is there. The upside to the Chiefs, as an established team, is that they would be very likely to give the Patriots a good game.