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Sounds like more Chiefs coming to St. Louis

The Rams left St. Louis which opened up a new market just a few hours from the Kansas City Chiefs. Chiefs president Mark Donovan recently detailed some of their early success marketing there to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and said that the signs were positive enough they’ll continue to take steps forward in St. Louis.

“So we think we have the opening to say, ‘OK, let’s start to market now. Let’s create awareness of this product out there and we may even see a bigger up-tick,’” Donovan said.

But he added: “We are not at the stage to be aggressive. We’re not gonna go conquer the world in St. Louis. We’re gonna continue that strategic, methodical approach.”

As much as I loathe people who talk about brands and marketing (cc: Darren Rovell), this could be a big opportunity for the Chiefs, especially on the corporate side. Those businesses in St. Louis that had partnerships with the Rams may still probably want to be associated with the NFL somehow. With the Rams now gone, the Chiefs or Bears are the closest that make the most sense.

Check out the whole article here for more details on the Chiefs successes there last season.