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Andy Reid says these Chiefs teams are like his Eagles teams that went to 4 straight NFC Championship games

Andy Reid’s best stretch in Philadelphia came between 2000 and 2004 when he made the playoffs in five straight seasons and made the NFC Championship game four consecutive years with one Super Bowl appearance. You have a stacked roster if you’re doing that so many years in a row. The good news is that Reid thinks the Chiefs current roster is like those Philly years. A reporter at the NFL owners meetings asked Reid this week if he could compare his current Chiefs roster to any of his other teams.

“Well, I think in Philadelphia we got to that point – probably during those championship years,” Reid said via a transcript the Chiefs sent out. “We felt like we didn’t have a lot of holes going into the draft, and we could kind of just take the best player. That’s how I feel this year.”

Let me interrupt to say what all Chiefs fans are saying right now: QUARTERBACK, QUARTERBACK, QUARTERBACK.

“We’re picking 27th,” Reid continued, “and whatever is there, you just want to make sure it’s the right guy and best player. Not every team could say they could go out and play right now and play halfway decent. I think we’re in a position where we could do that if we had to do it today without the draft. It’s a tribute to our personnel guys.”

The problem with the Eagles back then is that they couldn’t get over that championship hump. Sound familiar, Chiefs fans?