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This quote makes it sound like Chiefs aren’t into Joe Mixon

Some have connected the Kansas City Chiefs to former Oklahoma RB and NFL draft prospect Joe Mixon, who was shown on video punching a woman, because the Chiefs previously drafted Tyreek Hill. I don’t know about that logic because many Chiefs fans were and still aren’t happy with the Tyreek pick.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid was at the NFL owners meetings this week and he was asked about Mixon. His response made it sound like the Chiefs aren’t interested.

“So, I’m not really into all of his [Joe Mixon] deal right now,” Reid said Tuesday via a transcript from the Chiefs. “I would just say that you have to do your homework. That’s what we did with Tyreek, and it’s worked out so far.”

Those outside of Kansas City look at the Chiefs as a landing spot because they weren’t around when the Tyreek selection was made. People were angry. The Chiefs knew they had to answer questions about it. A fifth round pick led the cover of the Kansas City Star the day after the draft. This was a big deal, at least locally. I don’t think the Chiefs want to go through that again. Reid wasn’t clear enough here to completely rule it out but I would lean no.

Here’s what he said when asked generally about doing your homework on players like that.

I thought John [Dorsey] did a good job with that,” Reid said. “I’ve been in that position before with guys. This country gives you a second chance, if you handle yourself the right way. There’s no room for errors for some of these situations. So, you have to do your homework, and make sure the kid is focused in on making sure he does the right thing. You’re getting your second chance – there’s not normally another chance after the first chance there.”