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Feature on Andy Reid’s coaching tree coming from NFL Films

Andy Reid has been doing this coaching thing for a minute - or 20 years - so his coaching tree is getting pretty impressive. I believe the list is nine former Andy Reid assistant coaches who have become head coaches.

It sounds like NFL Films is doing a piece on Reid’s coaching tree. How do I know this? Because someone asked Andy Reid at the NFL owners meetings this week about the piece NFL Films is doing on his coaching tree and he seemed to know what they were talking about.

Further evidence is this tweet:

Here’s the portion of the Q&A via a transcript from the Chiefs:

Q: NFL Films is doing a piece on your coaching tree. What’s it like to get to a place like the owner’s meetings this week and see all the guys that have been a part of your career and coaching tree?

Reid: “It’s neat to see. Very seldom in this business do you reflect. You just don’t do that. And then to hear all of the old stories -- some of them go all the way back to Veterans Stadium and some of the stories that went on there: the cats, the rats, all that crazy stuff, and the beer flowing into your office after games. You kind of put that on hold until you retire. This was a time to reflect. There were a lot of funny stories, and I thought NFL Films did a good job with it in how they went about it.”

The cats? The rats? Here’s his coaching tree as far as I can tell (I included a guy like McDermott, who was once a Reid assistant, left and then got a head coaching job ... I don’t know who is included in the NFL Films piece):

Brad Childress, John Harbaugh, Steve Spagnuolo, Leslie Frazier, Ron Rivera, Pat Shurmur, Todd Bowles, Doug Pederson, Sean McDermott.