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Chiefs’ Andy Reid comments on 2017 QB class, let’s all read too much into it

Ahh, March. The time to read way too much into anything a coach says. Today, let’s look to Chiefs coach Andy Reid who commented on the 2017 quarterback class in this year’s draft.

“I’m just kind of at the beginning of this thing and studying everybody,” Reid said fro the NFL owners meetings via a transcript the Chiefs sent out. “Dorsey is probably a lot deeper in it than I am with all the positions. We’re picking 27th, so we’re way down there. I think it’s a decent class. From what I’ve seen at least, I think it’s a decent class. It seems like there are a number of guys out there. To get into specifics, I haven’t done that or gone there yet.”

It seems like there’s a number of guys out there. Big Red is a pro at talking without saying anything because I’m not totally sure what that means but I’ll take it to mean that this year’s quarterback could come from any round since there’s a number of guys out there. There are no clear-cut stars in this draft or else he probably would’ve said so, right?

What do you take his comments to mean?