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How do Chiefs fans feel about the Raiders move to Las Vegas?

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The Oakland Raiders are GONE! The NFL announced their move to Las Vegas.

On the one hand, I feel really bad for the fans in Oakland. Losing a team is no joke and the Raiders were JUST starting to get good.

I saw the KC Star’s Terez Paylor mention that his stories got a bunch of eyeballs when the Chiefs played the Raiders last year, which shows how much those fans care. He’s right. I will also point out that that happened when they become good just last year. The 10 years before that the Raiders were a bit of a joke and those eyeballs weren’t there.

But that’s why this is so hurtful - they are leaving when right when the team becomes good. It’s never a good time to leave but right after your best team in decades .... ugh.

On the other hand, Las Vegas is probably a better road trip. I didn’t ever really plan on going to Oakland to see a game but I might go to Vegas.

I don’t like all this relocation going on. It’s not good for the league. But I kinda like Vegas ...

So, Raiders to Vegas ... do we like this or not?