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Chiefs ranked third in the AFC West in entirely-too-early ranking

Bleacher Report posted a ranking of where each team stands in their own division post-free agency and I have taken the bait to write about it here. The Kansas City Chiefs are ranked third in the AFC West. The Raiders are first and the Broncos are second (of course the Chargers are last).

Putting the Raiders first is actually a defensible ranking. They were clearly on their way last year before Derek Carr went down. I would point out though that Andy Reid put a clown suit on Jack Del Rio twice last season. At least when it comes to head to head, the Chiefs have the advantage.

The Broncos over the Chiefs? I don’t think so. The Chiefs were obviously better last season and I don’t know that much has changed since then. If the Broncos go out and get Tony Romo, maybe that changes things but right now I see the Chiefs as the better team. The Chiefs should solidly be a 10 or more win team while I don’t think you can say the same about Denver. I don’t even know who their quarterback will be so it’s hard to rank them.