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Would the Chiefs be Super Bowl contenders with Philip Rivers at quarterback?

It’s the offseason so I’m busting out the hypotheticals. This isn’t meant to be a question about Alex Smith but like all posts here on Arrowhead Pride it will turn into a debate about Alex Smith. The Kansas City Chiefs have their quarterback for 2017 but what if the Chiefs had Philip Rivers instead? Would they be Super Bowl contenders?

Rivers is one of the most productive quarterbacks in the league. He’s thrown for more than 4,000 yards in eight of his last nine seasons. He was a 4k guy before it was cool. He’s had at least 26 touchdowns every year since 2008. He does throw a lot of picks but those touchdowns!

My initial answer is that, yes, the Chiefs would be Super Bowl contenders because Rivers is a better quarterback than Smith. That’s not a knock on Smith; I mean, Rivers is probably in the Hall of Fame conversation (especially if he can get some playoff wins before it’s over ... but that’s not happening).

I do wonder why Rivers hasn’t done more damage in the postseason himself. The Chargers have had some pretty good teams with him but they’ve made it to one AFC Championship game which they lost. Why hasn’t he done more in the playoffs?

I’ll stick with my yes answer here but I’d be curious to hear what others say. Despite Rivers’ monster statistical success, I don’t think this will be unanimous.