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Saints put Patrick Mahomes through a workout

As we go through draft season we’ll take note of where our prospects of interests are visiting. First up, Patrick Mahomes worked out for the New Orleans Saints, via old friend Herbie Teope of the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Mahomes is obviously talked about plenty around here as the Chiefs 27th pick. We have no idea if the Chiefs are actually interested but the fan base is clamoring for a quarterback drafted high and Mahomes has some interesting qualities.

It’s hard to tell where the Saints view Mahomes because they have three picks in the top 42 - 11th, 32nd and 42nd overall. Mahomes has been talked about as a late first or early second round pick so the 32nd or 42nd picks could come into play if we’re comparing them to where the Chiefs are drafting. Of course, the Chiefs are drafting right ahead of that at No. 27.

Another team we’ll be watching with quarterbacks: Houston, who drafts two spots ahead of the Chiefs at No. 25.