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For those who say Chiefs should wait and draft a quarterback next year

Some people have said the 2018 quarterback class will be loaded. I won’t even pretend that I know anything about those quarterbacks but we have heard smart people say that.

The problem with that is that it’s impossible to look ahead that far. This tweet is proof of that from last year:

There are some guys where it’s more obvious, like Andrew Luck. You knew he was going to be a star from very early and NFL teams knew who he was. But often times there is a player who has a great season out of the blue and decides to capitalize on that in the NFL Draft. I would prefer to follow Bill Parcells rule of drafting quarterbacks and stick to the ones with at least 30 starts but it doesn’t always work out like that. The one year wonder types do come up each year and they’re not always busts.

I’m not saying that USC’s QB Sam Darnold or any of those other quarterbacks they say are in this great class won’t work out. I’m saying it’s a little early to be banking the future of your franchise on that.