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Who is the most underrated Kansas City Chiefs player?

I was going through some story ideas and came across this question which I didn’t have an immediate great answer to:

Who is the Chiefs most underrated player?

We talk about this team so much on this blog that it seems like there are few players that are overlooked but I’ll give it a shot.

S Ron Parker: Seems like we don’t talk about him enough. I mentioned it recently but he got his five-year deal a couple years ago and I thought it was way too much money yet now it looks like a pretty good deal.

S Daniel Sorensen: He just got a four-year contract so he’s probably properly rated now.

CB Steven Nelson: He hardly played at all in year one and then came out as a regular in year two. That’s not easy to do.

Nobody on offense really comes to mind. It’s kinda more boom or bust there. Special teams, Anthony Sherman and DJ Alexander are up there.

Who ya got, most underrated Chief?