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Chiefs current salary cap situation

With 72 players under contract, the Kansas City Chiefs currently have $4,645,407 in salary cap space. That is not very much! It’s one of the smallest figures in the league, at least according to the NFLPA who posts salary cap figures.

I believe this should have everyone included from the Bennie Logan contract to the other contract restructures. Confirmed and accurate salary cap info is hard to come by though so I just always assume Chiefs GM John Dorsey knows what’s going on.

The Chiefs are tight up against the cap but as I’ve noted before they’re a good team, too. I’d rather be a playoff team up against the cap than the Browns with $100 million in cap space to start free agency (and then they lose Terrelle Pryor).

There probably aren’t any other big moves coming from the Chiefs unless it’s to cut someone and free up more space.