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Former Chiefs QB Ricky Stanzi resurfaces in spring league

I don’t know much about The Spring League except that it’s a football league played in ... wait, for it ... the spring!

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk just posted a story on it with some of the NFL names that will be joining the six-game spring league later this year. Included on that list is a familiar face: Ricky Stanzi!

No, Stanzi is not Tom Brady yet. He bounced around the NFL with various practice squads and offseason rosters - he worked out in New England about a year ago - but still has never thrown an NFL pass.

The quarterback position will be represented by Ricky Stanzi, a fifth-round pick of the Chiefs in 2011 who spent several years in the league but never played in a regular-season game. Other names that you may remember include receiver Brandon Gibson, receiver Jalen Saunders, receiver David Nelson, cornerback Ellis Lankster, defensive tackle Sam Montgomery, defensive tackle Quanterus Smith, and running back Josh Robinson.

Per PFT, some of the other former NFL names include: Greg Hardy, Kellen Winslow, Jr., Brandon Browner and Ben Tate.

Chances of me watching this: 0