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The Chiefs will be hosting a Madden tournament

(Update: Chris Jones will be playing Tyreek Hill for this tonight)

You all should be happy I didn’t sign up for the Madden 17 competition that the Kansas City Chiefs are hosting at Arrowhead. I didn’t even know about it or else I would have considered embarrassing some poor soul out there in a game of Madden.

This press release from the Chiefs came across my desk (OK, I read it on my phone).

The Chiefs, in partnership with the National Football League, will be one of eight NFL clubs to host its own Madden 17 competition as part of the league’s Madden Club Series. Eight e-sports qualifiers from tournament competition in February will gather at Arrowhead Stadium to compete for a $10,000 prize pool and the chance to compete at the Madden 17 Club Series Championship in early April. Chiefs players will also compete in a friendly game of Madden on display for fans in attendance.

E-sports is becoming more and more of a thing. I’ve always played video games dating back to original Nintendo (who out there had Atari before that?). The football games have been my favorite by far going back to Joe Montana Sports Talk Football and NFL Gameday 95 and all the Maddens since then.

Feel free to share your favorite games in the comments. I’ll add Grand Theft Auto to that list.