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How Patrick Mahomes stacks up against Bill Parcells rules for drafting a QB

Bill Parcells had rules for drafting a quarterback that have had so-so success over the past few years that I’ve looked at it. These feel a little out-dated these days (Connor Cook made the list last year) but it’s still fun to apply his rules to quarterbacks in this year’s draft, which I did for Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes.

Here are the rules. Let’s check it out.

1. Be a three-year starter

Close. He has two and a half years. He started four games in the second half of his freshman season.

2. Be a senior in college

Nope. He is not a senior. He’s coming out a year early after his junior year.

3. Graduate from college

I am having trouble finding confirmation of this but he is leaving a year early.

4. Start 30 games

He started 28 games by my count - four his freshman year and 12 each his sophomore and junior years.

5. Win 23 games

He went 13-15 as a starter.

6. Post a 2-1 touchdown-to-interception ratio

Yes he did: 93 touchdowns to 29 interceptions. In his last season, that was a 4:1 ratio with 41 touchdowns to 10 interceptions.

7. Tally a completion rate of 60 percent or higher

Yes he did: 63.5 percent career passer at Texas Tech. Even better, his completion percentage increased each year topping out at 65.7 percent last season.

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