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Mitch Trubisky now has Aaron Rodgers and Rich Gannon comparisons

The NFL Draft is high. That’s all I can say after reading some of the takes on this year’s crop of players. The quarterbacks are not supposed to be one of the strong suits of this class. While there is quantity - as many as four in the first round - there isn’t that clear cut, No. 1 guy.

With that in mind that this isn’t a great quarterback year, two draft analysts have compared Mitch Trubisky to Rich Gannon and now Aaron Rodgers.

And Todd McShay has this:

An NFL personnel director told me that Trubisky's skill set reminds him of Aaron Rodgers entering the league. The similarities: The quick release, the arm talent and the ability stay in balance while moving his feet. A lot of time and motivation went into Rodgers' NFL development, of course, but you see the raw tools with Trubisky.

How much you wanna bet that Trubisky isn’t as good as Rodgers or Gannon, a Super Bowl MVP? Anyone?

The Chiefs will work him out, by the way.