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Chiefs’ Bennie Logan asks reporter for proof that he turned down big extension

Twitter has certainly changed the media. If a player sees something he doesn’t like or isn’t true, he can just tweet it out directly fans. That’s what’s happening with new Chiefs defensive lineman Bennie Logan and Yahoo Sports reporter Charles Robinson.

Let’s start from the top. Robinson said recently that Logan turned down a big extension from the Eagles during last season.

And Logan says ...

This free agency market has been a little weird. As Peter King noted, we’ve gotten to the pennies on the dollar stage of free agency quicker than usual despite so much cap space available.

If I were a player and I was offered an extension during the season, I would be more likely to turn it down depending on the circumstances. Why? Because there is more cap space available in free agency than ever before with the cap rising so much each year.

Former NFL exec Joe Banner talks about this all the time on Twitter. He’s said you generally should avoid doing a deal so far ahead of free agency these days because there’s so much cap space out there that you’re leaving money on the table. So the idea of turning down a big extension I don’t think is so crazy (I’m not saying it’s true).

In this particular case, the market did set his price and it was about $8 million for one year. I don’t know if they misjudged that or if this report is wrong as Logan seems to suggest it is. The other thing is that we all know NFL contracts can vary quite a bit. “$9 million per year” in one contract can mean something totally different in another contract. When it’s not guaranteed money, it’s hard to say whether it was a real $9 million per year offer or not ... if there was ever any offer at all.