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Looks like Chiefs WRs Jeremy Maclin and Chris Conley are working out together again

Last year, Albert Wilson had stayed in Kansas City last summer to work out with Chiefs veteran WR Jeremy Maclin. A story came out later that Maclin then called Chris Conley, who was in Georgia, and told him he had a flight for him to come back to Kansas City and work out with them.

It appears some form of that is happening again this year as evidenced by this tweet from Maclin.

BJ Kissel of wrote the piece last year with this quote from Maclin explaining why he stayed in Kansas City (I don’t know for sure if they’re actually in Kansas City right now though).

“These are the guys I spend most of my time with—the training and strength staffs that know me best. Why would I walk away from that? In a crucial time like this when you need to get your body right, you've got to make sure everything else is coming together. I think one reason why guys do it is for the weather. You understand that, but I can take trips to the hot places while I’m working. I'm going to work with guys I'm familiar with.”

Let’s hope it pays off with a healthy season in 2017.