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Chiefs GM will “fight like the dickens” to get Dontari Poe back

Andy Reid said yesterday that the Kansas City Chiefs want Dontari Poe back and John Dorsey backed up that up today. Poe was not tagged at the deadline on Wednesday so he is scheduled to become a free agent on March 9. Dorsey said the Chiefs want to keep him.

“We all like big guys,” Dorsey said when asked about Poe. “I had a great conversation with his representative yesterday just to inform him this year we’re not going to use the tag but I also let him know that I want to stay in an open line of communication because I don’t like letting good football players go. I consider him a really good fotoball player ... As long as that line of communication is open, I’d like to have him back. We’ll just let the process unfold here.”

Dorsey also said if there’s a chance to get him back, he’s going to “fight like a dickens” to get him back.

It’s still hard to see how the Chiefs can bring him back given their cap situation. We’ll see...