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NFL free agency rumor and trade tracker

Let’s track some of the NFL free agency rumors. The free agency period doesn’t start until March 9 but there’s stuff going on before that. The Chiefs, for example, signed Eric Berry and cut Jamaal Charles. Other teams are preparing to be under the $167 million salary cap by March 9, which means cutting veterans making a lot of money. The other part of this is trade talks. There’s already trade rumors going on out there and we will see some potential trades coming up.

Let’s track the news...

Brandon Marshall is still a good player. He reportedly wants to win a championship so he could be eyeing a contender. I mean, sure I’d take Brandon Marshall but I’m not sure he really fits with the Chiefs (either on the field or financially).

The Chiefs will try to keep him but I’m not sure how they would fit him under the cap. We’ll see.

They’ve talked about Cooks being a trade candidate for almost a year it seems. He is a very, very fast receiver who is still on his rookie deal so the Saints would trade him to get picks in return before they have to pay him, I guess.

Old friend alert. Chase Daniel signed with the Eagles last year. He’s the backup there. I hope someone gives him a shot to start.