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Chiefs want Dontari Poe back, it’s unclear if they can afford him

Andy Reid deferred to GM John Dorsey a couple of times during his Combine press conference on Tuesday but he did say that the Kansas City Chiefs would like to have Dontari Poe back.


Eric Berry got a substantial amount of money,” Reid said. “I’m not sure what’s left in the purse.”

Berry’s first-year cap number will only be $5 million but the Chiefs didn’t have much to begin with. Poe’s market is probably higher than what the Chiefs can afford and with so much cap room available on other teams I would not expect him back if he hits free agency on March 9.

“We love the kid,” Reid said. “We’d love to have him back for sure.”

Someone’s probably going to pay Poe a lot of money. I did think about Jaye Howard’s deal last year. Remember we thought he would get $8 million a year or something like that and he came back on a two-year, $10 million deal. So who knows...

I sat down with Carrington Harrison from 610 Sports and talked about the Poe deal along with some other stuff. Check it out below.

Talking Chiefs with Carrington from 610 Sports and taking your questions!

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